Brian Bushell

Brian may not be the youngest computer expert you'll ever meet, but he's probably the longest-serving. Despite his advancing years, his old brain is still as knowledgeable, agile and perceptive as ever. By the early seventies, he was regarded as one of the top three computer brains in Britain - and is now regarded as one of the top in Europe. See the testimonials accompanying his CV on this page, in particular the one from Iain Fraser, BSc. This was written in 2013, and covers the previous seven years. During this time, Iain worked alongside Brian as network engineer and server administrator. Iain started in computers in 1973 in South Africa, and since then, like Brian, he has worked on some large projects not just in the UK, but in Rhodesia, the USA, France and even Russia. Brian values highly the views of a fellow professional such as Iain, and disregards the witterings of people who think that what they know about computers is everything there is to know (and there are plenty of those around!) - or worse still, listen to the misguided views of people who are too lazy even to read his CV and check the facts. One thing you soon learn in business (and politics) is that it is as easy to make enemies, who will stop at nothing to discredit you, as it is to make friends! Do not listen to false prophets!

When Brian first started, you didn't have to know that much before you 'knew it all'. Nowadays, the industry is so diverse, nobody can possibly 'know it all', and people tend to specialise. Like a GP, Brian can usually diagnose your problem - but if his own fields of expertise prevent him from curing your ailment, he can usually put you in touch with a good, qualified specialist who can! Just as Brian wouldn't consider walking into his doctor's surgery and start telling him how to treat his patients, Brian wouldn't expect his doctor to start telling him what he does and doesn't know about computers!

Over the years, Brian has been involved at the highest level with some of the biggest and most successful computer systems ever. He has seen good systems, bad systems, misused systems, misunderstood systems - and endless useless systems which either don't do what the user wanted, or make it impossible for the user to be able to use without a degree in computing!

With age comes wisdom, increased knowledge and the experience of past mistakes - his own (best way to learn!), and other peoples. Anyone who thinks they never make mistakes is making the biggest mistake of their lives - just as anyone who thinks they know it all, knows nothing!

These days, Brian, like many 'retired' people, prefers to concentrate on consultancy and educational training. He started in computers in 1965, long before schools had even heard of them, and universities only taught them as a scientific/mathematical subject. Using them for business purposes was a new concept, and Brian undertook all his training at IBM's own colleges in London. Networks were still 5 years away, VDUs about 10 years, PCs 14 years away, and the Internet was just a dream. The first computer Brian started on (IBM1401) didn't even have an operating system - how it worked is an interesting story in itself, and Brian also offers historical talks about the early computers and their operating systems. It was all pioneering stuff, boldly going where no man had gone before - definitely a voyage of discovery!

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